Let me tell you what makes my fucking day. Muirskate.com now carries Pantheon decks. BOOM!

Muirskate.com Has Pantheon Longboards!

So here’s the deal. We are really trying to do the Pantheon brand shop-supported. So if you have a local shop and they don’t carry our boards, well, first off, tell them to hit us up. Secondly, if you want a Pantheon deck, you now have a place to get it at Muirskate.com, so you can pick up a complete from them, or just buy a board with grip on it (which we don’t offer!). After you get your board, take it to your shop and be like, “Yo, local shop! You know you want this!” Show them what you can do on it. Let them stand on it. And there, you just helped grow our brand and spread awesomeness. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

So, when we wanted to get our boards in an online retailer, let me tell you why we did it with Muirskate first. The answer is simple. We respect them…like…way much. They are the most core of the core longboard retailers out there. You can contact El Beasto, Scott, the owner, personally, when you want help with your setup. Scott not only knows his stuff, he skates it…HARD. And when brands want their gear at Muirskate, we have to get it past him. So that alone makes us feel really awesome, because Scott likes our stuff enough to support our brand through his site.

Here are a couple other reasons you should support Pantheon through Muirskate.com

1. Their completes are mad cheap. You can buy the deck only through us and get just as good a deal, but if you are setting up a complete, you are going to save a lot of money, and their shipping is free on anything you’ll buy which includes a Pantheon deck.

2. They support the skateboard community. Downhill Disco just happened. Who made it happen? Muirskate. Who’s got the most awesome shop team in downhill skateboarding? Muirskate. Who just took their team to Hawaii? Muirskate. That’s what’s up. We only hope to do our thing well enough here to be able to provide support for our homies like that. Let’s go to Hawaii!

3. You can put grip on your board through Muirskate. That’s right doggies. We don’t offer griptape. Why? Because we’re not a frickin shop. We are literally me, Jeff, and my wife, Maribeth, and we run this ship. And one of us has to watch the baby, so that doesn’t leave a whole lot of deck hands. Shipping boards out of our basement and answering questions is enough on our plate, and we don’t want to shit up our business with layers of people. That’s not to say we aren’t willing to bring people in…think of us like a tribe. You can make a place for yourself here, but you can’t ask me for a job. If you want a job, you’ll make one. That’s my vision anyway. We’ll see how it goes. But yea, we gots no grip cuz I ain’t trying to do that. I’m trying to skate more and grip less.

4. Sometimes they are going to have boards in stock that we don’t. Like, for example, right at this moment while I’m writing this, we don’t have Embryos in stock. You should get yours through them, unless your local shop has them, in which case, your shop is obviously awesome and you should support them.


As a general business model, we are all about supporting local. If your shop carries Pantheon, buy it there. That’s how you support the dudes who are supporting your local scene. That’s how you help your scene grow; how to help put food on the tables of the dudes who help support your stoke. Many scenes don’t have a local shop, though, and some local shops might suck…or maybe they just need a kick in the ass and need to be shown the awesomeness of our shapes. In that case, pick up one of our decks online and show them what’s up. That’s how we see it anyway.

As always, thanks for supporting Pantheon Longboards, our family, and your skateboard community by riding and being stoked on our boards. Spread awesome vibes and ride Pantheon decks cuz they’re the fucking best.


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